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SWICT (SIXTUS WONDER INNOVATION CONCEPT TEAM) is a subsidiary of Sixtus Wonder Foods Global Service Ltd is a Nigerian Company Registration No:1490471.

Swict happily receives a common madate upon consolidation of people welfare, whereby citizens of low income earners and beyond receives a platform to strive effectively in being focused, hitting targets and reaching goals, thereby taking responsibility in their respective homes, communities geared towards basic needs in life.

In our quest of compassionate drive and services to humanity has become a formidable contest under contraints patterns to always proffer a sure solution that gives people routing access towards a stress free life etc.

Success In Our Own Language

Is the ability to see and discover what makes you to stumble and fall, But then remove it for other people not to stumble and fall as You did, that is what we call SUCCESS.


The Above name is a registered business outfit strategically designed to reduce the negative impact of hunger to the bearest minimum in our society and nation at large.

Continious Food Stuff Guaranteed

Low income earners can now smile as they are guaranteed continous supply of food stuffs in their respective homes through our daily card savings. More importantly is the fact that committed customers can be supplied to pay within a space time, thereby making transaction stress free.

This business initiative is targeted towards the reduction of hunger especially for low income categories considering what they have to go through to feed their families on a daily basis.

Our Slogan

We are driven with a great passion and our dream is to eradicate poverty in the land by the grace of God.

Our Pattern

We run a super contrained and strategic pattern that allow people hit their target of food stuff in abundance to their respective homes geared with tripartite approach of SIXTUS WONDER INNOVATION CONCEPT TEAM(SWICT) as represented in:.

  • WELFARE: to serve in helping the government to ensure the wellbeing of the citizens, identifying the societal challenges with a quest to proffer lasting solution, as regard the Good forturne, Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity, etc. of a person or group and organization which HUNGER IS THE MAJOR approach especially to the low income earners.

  • EMPOWERMENT: it refers to the sources of our individual income guaranteed to put food on our table. SWFGSL main purpose is to create various empowerment packages that enable citizen's stable income and sustain as well mainly targeted at the low income earners especially the micro food stuff and provision sellers.

  • BUSINESS: yes "We acknowledged that small businesses are backbone of our nation's economy by investing in small businesses, we help strengthen the WORLD ECONOMY by creating job opportunities and also supporting other companies through purchasing products and forming partnerships".

Our Vision: Our Vision is to make lives work for ordinary people and to put smiles on the face of low income earners.

Our Mission: Is to help the world tackle hardship and to eradicate hunger in the land by the Grace of God

Our Motto: Rejoice in God's supernatural abundance.

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Position: CEO

A thriving businessman, hardworking and compassionate.
The engine room of Sixtus Wonder Foods

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